Posted on July 18, 2023
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WeFreight Continues Expansion with Opening of Mexico Office

WeFreight, a leading emerging markets freight forwarder, is pleased to announce the official commencement of its operations in Mexico. This expansion marks another significant milestone for WeFreight as it continues to establish itself as the agile leader in emerging markets logistics.

Ingo Kloepper, Global Managing Director at WeFreight, highlighted the significance of the expansion, stating, “We are pleased to launch our operations in Mexico, which is a market with solid growth potential. This move represents a strategic step forward for WeFreight as we continue to strengthen our global footprint and bring our unique perspective to the world of logistics. We believe that our digital approach, combined with our deep understanding of key industries, will enable us to offer unparalleled value to our customers in Mexico.”

Miguel Trejo, Managing Director of WeFreight Mexico, added, “Mexico is a dynamic market with a growing economy, and we are delighted to be part of its logistics future. We are committed to leveraging our extensive experience and industry knowledge to deliver tailored solutions that address the specific needs of our customers in Mexico. With our customer-centric approach and focus on technology-driven efficiencies, we are confident that WeFreight will quickly establish itself as a trusted partner for businesses across the country.”

Situated among the world’s top 15 economies and holding the title of Latin America’s second-largest, Mexico exhibits a strong commitment to trade and a diverse manufacturing sector deeply embedded in global value chains. After posting a 4.7% growth rate in 2021, the economy expanded by 3.1% in 2022. This positive trend led the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to revise Mexico’s GDP growth estimates upward to 1.8% in its April 2023 report, reinforcing the country’s economic prowess underpinned by its thriving manufacturing base.

WeFreight’s entry into Mexico aligns with its vision to be at the forefront of emerging markets logistics, offering innovative and flexible solutions that drive growth and enable seamless trade. With its digital-first approach, WeFreight aims to improve the logistics industry by providing transparent and efficient services that deliver value and optimize supply chains.

About WeFreight

WeFreight is a fast-growing freight forwarder with a digital focus on serving customers both large and small with a full range of products and services. Our experienced teams are ready to support and handle all types of shipments. We are focused on becoming the agile leader in emerging markets logistics. Customers like working with us as we bring a new perspective to the world of logistics and back it up with detailed knowledge of key industries.

WeFreight Continues Expansion with Opening of Mexico Office

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