Posted on January 2, 2024
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Weekly Shipping & Logistics News Wrap, Week 1

Top Highlights 

  • Red Sea unrest drives up freight costs. 
  • Diverse strategies among global carriers for Red Sea navigation. 
  • Shipping firms agree to double wages for crew. 
  • Maersk suspends activities following vessel assault. 
  • Port Houston handled nearly 3.5 million TEUs. 

Let’s look at the above shipping and logistics news in more detail: 

Freight Prices Surge Amid Red Sea Route Disruptions 

Despite the reactivation of some Red Sea journeys, the cost of shipping goods has risen sharply. Freight prices have escalated by 80% in the past week, reaching a record high in over 15 months. The Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI) indicates a significant increase to $2,694 per container, as unions and the shipping industry amplify protections for mariners operating in this high-risk area. 

Global Carriers’ Varied Responses to Red Sea Navigation Challenges 

Lars Jensen, a maritime analyst, sheds light on the contrasting approaches of major shipping lines regarding the Red Sea route. While Maersk and CMA CGM have opted to resume using the Suez Canal, with Maersk later reinstating its pause, COSCO has been quietly rerouting vessels without official announcements. This discrepancy becomes even more intriguing when considering OOCL, a COSCO subsidiary, which stands in stark contrast to its parent company by advising all its ships to avoid the Red Sea altogether due to safety concerns. 

Danish Shipping Industry Reacts to Red Sea Dangers 

In more shipping and logistics latest news, the Danish shipping sector, housing some of the world’s top firms, has agreed to double wages for crew navigating the perilous Red Sea. The increase is a response to recent attacks in the region, with many transport companies now avoiding the Red Sea, leading to longer and costlier alternative routes. 

Maersk Halts Red Sea Operations After Ship Attack 

In more shipping and logistics industry news, Maersk has suspended all ship movements in the Red Sea following an attack on Maersk Hangzhou. Despite a recent resumption of activities in the region, the vessel encountered missile and small boat attacks. The crew and vessel are safe, but the incident has prompted a re-evaluation of Maersk’s operations in these troubled waters. 

Port Houston’s Performance in November 2023 

In November 2023, Port Houston handled nearly 3.5 million TEUs, a 5% decline from the previous year’s record. While exports remain strong, imports have softened. In November, the port also marked a milestone with the arrival of the CMA CGM Lisa Marie, one of the largest vessels to date, demonstrating Port Houston’s preparedness for future growth. 

House of Shipping Insight 

The significant freight price hike due to Red Sea route disruptions underscores the fragility of global shipping networks in the face of geopolitical tensions. Meanwhile, the varied responses of global carriers to these challenges reveal the lack of a unified strategy in the industry.  

The Danish shipping industry’s move to increase wages reflects a commendable commitment to crew safety, yet also signals increased operational costs. Maersk’s decision to halt Red Sea operations after the attack on Maersk Hangzhou highlights the ongoing security risks in key shipping lanes.  

Port Houston’s performance, despite a slight decline, showcases the adaptability and potential for growth in the sector. These events collectively indicate a period of adjustment and increased caution in the shipping and logistics industry, with implications for global trade and economy. 

Weekly Shipping & Logistics News Wrap, Week 1

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