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House of Shipping’s marketing team has been a valuable partner for WeFreight

As we aim to become a leading logistics provider in emerging markets, House of Shipping’s Marketing team has been a valuable partner in refining our marketing efforts. Their comprehensive approach and dedication to our success have resulted in noticeable improvements across all marketing channels. We are confident that our marketing initiatives, with their ongoing support, will contribute significantly to our future growth and success

- Axel Herzhauser, Global Managing Director, WeFreight

Bernd Meyer

The marketing team at House of Shipping has been instrumental in SeaLead's brand

The marketing team at House of Shipping has been instrumental in SeaLead's brand and market awareness development. Their all-encompassing approach and dedication have strengthened our marketing efforts, while their expertise in crafting targeted campaigns has effectively enhanced our brand awareness and public relations. With their ongoing support, we are confident in our future development and growth.

- Bernd Meyer, Global Director, Sales and Business Development, SeaLead

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