Posted on October 5, 2023
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Staying ahead in Freight Markets: Air and ocean freight report


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This in-depth report is replete with data, visual charts, and expert evaluations pertaining to pivotal areas like capacity, demand, rates, newbuild deliveries, and consumer sentiment. It offers a breakdown of PMI indices across significant global regions.

Key highlights:

  • Air Cargo Demand Drop: In June 2023, a noticeable 3.4% decline in global air cargo demand was observed along with a steeper 3.7% decline for international operations compared to June 2022.
  • Container Carriers & Capacity Additions: Amidst a subdued demand scenario, container carriers are relentlessly expanding their capacity. This has led to a significant demand-supply mismatch, prompting carriers to announce blank sailings as a remedial measure.
  • Containerized Trade Volume Forecast for 2023: UNCTAD has projected a modest rise of 1.2% in containerized trade volumes this year
  • Global CPI Predictions: The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is anticipated to hover around the 4% range in upcoming months, showing minimal indications of substantial decreases from its current standing.

Staying ahead in Freight Markets: Air and ocean freight report

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