Posted on June 10, 2024
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Weekly Shipping & Logistics News Wrap, Week 24

Top Highlights

  • Port congestion disrupts Asia-Europe sailings
  • Heightened concern for fire safety aboard vessels
  • Spot rates from China set to soar
  • Maersk reports substantial delays after rail crash
  • Russia and China to form Arctic liner

Port Congestion Disrupts Asia-Europe Sailings

Nearly half of all westbound sailings from Asia to Europe are delayed due to escalating port congestion. Only six out of 11 Asia-North Europe sailings departed on schedule last week. Major Asian ports, including Singapore, Port Klang, and Tanjung Pelepas, are experiencing severe delays. Shanghai and Qingdao are facing the longest waiting times, with some ships delayed by up to five days. This disruption impacts supply chain efficiency, costs, and reliability for businesses and consumers.

Growing Alarm Over Shipboard Fire Safety Standards

According to experts, fires account for over 20% of marine insurance claims, with some operators neglecting proper safety checks. A whitepaper released recently, warns of deteriorating fire safety standards, exacerbated by the rise in lithium-ion battery fires from electric vehicles, which pose new risks due to their rapid thermal runaway and toxic gas emissions. Recent incidents, like the fires on Höegh Xiamen and Felicity Ace, underline the urgency for improved fire safety measures. Industry groups, including SafetyTech Accelerator’s Cargo Fire & Loss Innovation Initiative, are now collaborating to address these emerging challenges.

Spot Rates from China Set to Hit Five Figures

Container spot freight rates are seeing double-digit increases, with Drewry’s World Container Index recording significant gains on several key routes. The Shanghai-Rotterdam, Shanghai-Genoa, and Shanghai-Los Angeles routes saw week-on-week gains of 14%, 17%, and 11%, respectively. European freight forwarders warn that spot rates from Asia could breach the $10,000 per 40-foot container mark next month, driving up retail prices. The surge in rates is driven by high demand and operational challenges.

Maersk Reports Substantial Delays after Czech Rail Crash

A recent train collision in the Czech Republic has caused substantial delays for Maersk cargo. The accident involved a passenger train colliding with a freight train, resulting in suspended train operations between Kostěnice and Pardubice. Maersk advises that the repair of the junction will take several days, and alternative routes are currently not feasible. The collision has caused significant delays and disruptions for Maersk’s rail operations.

Russia and China to Form Arctic Liner

Russia and China are collaborating to develop a fleet of ice-classed boxships for year-round container shipping along the Northern Sea Route (NSR). The joint venture between Rosatom and China’s NewNew Shipping aims to reduce shipping time between Europe and Asia by more than half. This initiative seeks to enhance traffic along the NSR, providing a shorter and safer route compared to the Suez Canal.

House of Shipping Insight

Port congestion, rising shipping rates, and regulatory changes highlight the importance of proactive management and collaboration among stakeholders. As the industry navigates these challenges, innovative solutions and strategic partnerships will be crucial in maintaining efficient supply chains.

The increased focus on alternative fuels and the development of new shipping routes, such as the Northern Sea Route, indicate a shift towards more sustainable and efficient practices. House of Shipping remains committed to providing insights and solutions that help our clients navigate these complexities and achieve their logistics goals.

Weekly Shipping & Logistics News Wrap, Week 24

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