We understand that embarking on a transformational process can be challenging and that’s why we’re here to provide comprehensive support and expertise every step of the way. With our deep understanding of business transformation and a proven track record of successful projects across many industries including transport and logistics, we are committed to helping you navigate through your business complexities and achieve your desired outcomes.
At House of Shipping’s process and transformation practice, we are dedicated to being your trusted partner throughout your transformation journey.

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Our approach revolves around collaboration and understanding. We establish strong client relationships, gaining insight into your specific challenges and needs. By leveraging industry knowledge, best practices, and innovative thinking, our experienced team guides you towards success. To facilitate your business transformation, our team of seasoned transformation practitioners can provide expert guidance on a wide range of areas, including:
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Business process management

This service helps shipping and logistics businesses improve their operations by streamlining…
processes and making them more efficient. It can help to reduce costs, improve customer service, increase efficiency, and improve profitability. This service also helps create clear guidelines and standard operating procedures to reduce errors and ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Process mapping
  • Bottleneck management
  • Process optimization and streamlining
  • Workflow analysis
  • Process measurement
  • Process management training
  • Process management maturity assessment
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Performance management

This service helps shipping and logistics businesses optimize their performance and achieve their…
strategic goals. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to improve organizational performance, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.
  • Development of performance management frameworks and systems
  • Definition and alignment of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Establishment of performance targets and goal setting
  • Design and implementation of performance measurement and tracking mechanisms
  • Development of performance dashboards and reporting systems
  • Performance improvement initiatives and action planning
  • Training and development programs on performance management best practices
  • Ongoing support and guidance for performance management implementation
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Program and project management

This service provides shipping and logistics businesses with processes and procedures…
to ensure projects are planned, managed and monitored efficiently and effectively. This service also offers guidance and advice to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Strategic alignment of programs and projects
  • End-to-end management from initiation to completion
  • Project planning and scheduling best practices
  • Project risk identification and mitigation strategies
  • Project issue management
  • Project stakeholder managemen
  • Project prioritization and resource allocation
  • Project proactive monitoring and reporting
  • Project management coaching and training
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Continuous improvement deployment

This service helps shipping and logistics businesses identify, develop, and deploy processes…
and systems to optimize performance and increase efficiency. Our team provides guidance and support in building a continuous improvement framework that takes into account organizational objectives and goals, organizational culture as well as current industry trends. This service helps organizations create a roadmap for success and measure the success of their improvement efforts.
  • Identification and analysis of improvement opportunities
  • Data-driven decision-making for continuous improvemen
  • Implementation of lean and six sigma methodologies
  • Idea management frameworks and scheme
  • Training and development programs for continuous improvement culture
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Process Automation

This service helps shipping and logistics businesses streamline their processes while harnessing…
the power of technology to drive digital transformation. Our services encompass a wide range of solutions to automate and digitize processes, enhance collaboration, and enable seamless workflow management.
  • Process automation assessment
  • Identification and selection of appropriate automation tools and technologies
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation and integration
  • Digitization of paper-based processes and documentation
  • Design and development of customized digital workflows
  • Integration of systems and applications for seamless data flow
  • Data capture and extraction solutions for efficient information management
  • Training and change management support for the successful adoption of automated processes

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Discover the power of our process and transformation services firsthand. Our seasoned team excels in process excellence, delivering tailored insights and solutions to elevate your organization. Through a thorough evaluation, we uncover enhancements and innovation opportunities.

Our approach includes a clear transformation roadmap with milestones and timelines. We offer robust change management support, ensuring smooth transitions and employee buy-in. We track progress through identifiable KPIs, validating ROI for measurable outcomes. Beyond the project, we provide ongoing support, transforming challenges into opportunities. Connect with us to prioritize your success. 

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Process and Transformation case studies

Here, we showcase real-world examples of how our seasoned experts have partnered with organizations like yours to drive tangible change, innovation, and growth. Each case study provides a unique glimpse into the challenges our clients faced, the tailored solutions we devised, and the measurable results achieved. 

Improving Safety Protocols
A Case Study on Improving Safety Protocols for...
In a sector where safety and precision are paramount, an emerging shipping company faced the imperative of establishing a well-organized...

Meet Ardavan Bayat, our Global Chief Process and Transformation Officer

Ardavan, as Global Chief Process and Transformation Officer, is leading the team of process and transformation experts at House of Shipping. He has more than 20 years of extensive experience gained in shaping, leading and implementing business process improvement, information management strategies and various transformation programs.
His past career includes 10 years in pharmaceutical industry in various process excellence and IT transformation roles, including SAP implementations, while the later part of his career involved more than 10 years working for AP Moller Maersk leading their strategies, business process excellence and transformation projects within Maersk Line, Damco and APMT at various locations globally. He holds an MSc in Information Management from Brunel University, UK and a BSc with 1st class honors in Logistics systems from Bournemouth University, UK. He is well trained on various programs including Transformative coaching, PRINCE 2 and is also a Black Belt in Lean & Six Sigma methodology.

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