In today’s landscape, technology has transcended its role as a mere tool – it has become a strategic powerhouse, reshaping industries and propelling businesses to new heights. At House of Shipping, we understand the pivotal role of technology in modern business. Our IT services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your operations, ensuring a dynamic experience across your entire business ecosystem.

Amidst the ongoing evolution of the digital age, House of Shipping presents a range of transformative IT services. Our suite of solutions is carefully crafted to propel your business toward exceptional growth and success. These services empower businesses to unlock the complete capabilities of technology, surpassing traditional limits and exploring novel opportunities. 

Information technology (IT) services

Empowering Your Business with
Cutting-Edge IT Services

Our comprehensive IT solutions

Step into the realm of modernization and efficiency with House of Shipping’s unparalleled IT services. Our IT team stands at the forefront of business transformation, leveraging Automation, Integration, Innovation, and Intelligence to drive your success. Through our strategic collaborations with digital leaders including SAP, Microsoft, Amazon, Zoho and specialized solutions we leverage the ecosystem advantage for you. Our wide-ranging portfolio includes:
Advanced IT Solutions - House of Shipping

Future-Proof application services

Seamlessly bridge the present and the future with application portfolios that are optimized for today…
and adaptable for tomorrow, ensuring your technology investments yield lasting value.
  • Applications optimized for current needs while being adaptable for future demands
  • Applications modernization to unlock the future value and improve speed to market.
  • Seamless integration of innovative features to stay ahead of market trends.
Advanced IT Solutions - House of Shipping

Innovative technologies

Embrace innovation to unlock opportunities and enhance your services, putting your business…
ahead of the curve with the latest technological advancements.
  • Exploration and implementation of IOT technology.
  • Unlocking new business opportunities through blockchain-powered enterprise.
  • Staying ahead of the competition with generative AI solutions
Advanced IT Solutions - House of Shipping

Cybersecurity and resilience

Safeguard your business against cyber threats and gain resilience in an ever-evolving…
landscape, allowing you to navigate with confidence in the digital realm
  • Robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard against threats
  • Building resilience to navigate the evolving threat landscape.
  • Ensuring business continuity with a strong focus on security.
Advanced IT Solutions - House of Shipping

Data and analytics insights

Harness the power of Data & Analytics to gain real-time insights that anticipate customer…
needs, enabling well-informed decisions and proactive strategies.
  • Real-time data analysis for predicting customer needs.
  • Informed decision-making through actionable insights
  • Proactive strategies fueled by comprehensive data-driven insights.
Advanced IT Solutions - House of Shipping Technology

Modern IT Infrastructure

Elevate user experiences with a dynamic, diverse, and modern IT infrastructure, enabling your…
business to operate optimally and meet evolving demands.
  • Build robust next-gen networks that provide transformative business growth
  • Comprehensive data resilience for physical and virtual servers
  • Dynamic and adaptable infrastructure supporting seamless operations

Benefit from our IT experience and qualifications

Benefit from our IT experience and qualifications

Information Technology is not just about the tools – it’s about the holistic experience. Our team of skilled professionals, armed with years of industry experience, works in synergy with your business to understand its unique needs and aspirations.
We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, we collaborate closely to customize IT strategies that align with your specific goals, while our strong emphasis on effective communication and timely execution ensures a seamless implementation.

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Information Technology services case studies

Explore the tangible outcomes of our IT prowess through our selection of compelling case studies. These narratives offer a firsthand look at how our customized IT solutions have successfully tackled various challenges, highlighting our dedication to empowering businesses with innovative technological strategies across diverse sectors. 

Meet Mohammad Ahmadabadi, our Global Chief Information Officer

With over 19 years of experience in the shipping industry and deep knowledge of end-to-end processes, Mohammad has responsibility for all IT-related activities. He has wide experience in Freight Forwarding and Logistics, including the implementation of three ERP/TMS solutions.
When not working hard Mohammad counts snooker, movies and reading as his main hobbies, and he is a keen technology enthusiast.
Mohammad Ahmadabadi

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