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As a rapidly expanding freight forwarding and logistics company that is focused on emerging markets, WeFreight faced significant challenges in establishing its brand and raising awareness in a competitive market. With high growth aspirations, it needed a reliable marketing partner to help it become a leading emerging markets logistics provider. Its initial brand awareness, PR, website and other marketing efforts had very little time or effort dedicated to them. 


After an initial assessment and a detailed strategic review of its plans and aspirations, the House of Shipping team detailed a plan that would provide comprehensive marketing support for WeFreight, addressing all aspects of its marketing needs: 

  • Branding:
    House of Shipping created a strong brand identity that resonated with WeFreight’s target audience, both internal and external. By developing and refining tone, messaging, visuals, and overall brand presence, they ensured that WeFreight’s unique selling points and company values were effectively communicated. 
  • Website:
    The team at House of Shipping revamped the website, giving it a professional and user-friendly interface. They optimised the site’s content for search engines, ensuring increased visibility and improved user experience, which ultimately led to higher conversion rates. A crucial aspect of this website development involved highlighting the diverse products and services WeFreight provides, as well as showcasing the industries for which it can deliver effective solutions.
  • Country Profiles:
    House of Shipping developed in-depth country profiles, highlighting WeFreight’s expertise in emerging markets and provided capability overview for each country. These profiles showcased the extensive knowledge and capabilities in these countries, positioning them as a reliable logistics partner for businesses operating in these markets and allowing the countries to detail what products and services have been developed.
  • Intranet ‘Trade’:
    House of Shipping created a custom Intranet called ‘Trade’, which streamlined internal communications and information sharing. This improved operational efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and facilitated faster decision-making within WeFreight.
  • Sales Presentations:
    To improve external customer presentations, the House of Shipping team crafted persuasive and informative sales presentations that effectively showcased services and competitive advantages. These presentations were tailored to address the specific needs and pain points of potential clients, resulting in higher sales conversion rates.
  • Social Media:
    House of Shipping helped boost online presence and engagement through strategic social media campaigns. They curated relevant content, monitored audience feedback, and ran social media advertising campaigns to expand brand awareness, customer success stories, reach and build a strong online community, with a particular focus on LinkedIn.
  • Public Relations:
    The experts at House of Shipping raised awareness and improved WeFreight’s public image through targeted PR efforts. They conducted media outreach, distributed press releases, and developed positive relationships with key media to ensure that the WeFreight brand is gaining attention.


Thanks to House of Shipping’s expertise, WeFreight experienced significant improvements in its marketing efforts:

  • A marked increase in brand awareness and alignment within the first six months
  • 120% growth in website traffic
  • Fifteen new country profiles launched on the website
  • Increase in internal communications, knowledge sharing, and operational efficiency due to the implementation of the ‘Trade’ Intranet
  • 600% growth in social media following
  • Improved public relations, resulting in 30 positive media features within the first 6 months
wefreight's brand


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