Posted on November 7, 2023
Human Resources (HR) case study

Global Talent Acquisition Solutions for Growing Companies


House of Shipping (HOS) was entrusted by several of its key customers to assist in the realization of their ambitious growth and organizational development strategies. These comprehensive strategies not only involved geographic diversification and expansion into new territories but also required the strengthening of their teams at various levels and the introduction of new skills and competencies to keep pace with the rapidly changing business landscape.


While many of these companies had successfully established a robust brand presence in their home markets, they encountered significant hurdles related to brand recognition upon venturing into unfamiliar territories. This posed substantial challenges in their talent acquisition endeavors. Further complicating matters was the absence of dedicated in-house Human Resources departments in some of the customers’ organizations, which meant they lacked the necessary expertise and ability to navigate the complexities of large-scale recruitment, especially in regions where their brand was yet to gain traction.


The TA team ran an end-to-end recruitment process for its customers to ensure no stones were left unturned whilst searching for the right caliber of potential employee. HOS’s Talent Acquisition (TA) team integrated the following processes to aid recruitment:

  • Understanding the customer: The TA team deeply understood the customers’ business structure, goals, culture, and other crucial criteria. As strategic partners, HOS went beyond basic recruitment to ensure candidates aligned with the customers’ values and vision.
  • Industry knowledge: to ensure the talent market was well understood, we researched latest industry trends, technologies, skills, available talent, top competitor companies, size of companies, and other related industry information that would assist us in our talent search.
  • Sourcing and Selection: The TA team adopted both direct and indirect approach to sourcing talent. We advertised roles in relevant local and international job portals and social media to attract active candidates, whilst simultaneously headhunting passive candidates through various channels and networks. This allowed us to thoroughly cover the entire talent pool in different countries and approach all relevant candidates for open roles.
  • Assessment: we ran a thorough selection process whereby the candidates were assessed both technically and through our competency-based approach. In addition, we put them through a personality test that tested if candidates were culturally aligned with the respective customers and whether they were team players. Lastly, we ran thorough background checks on candidates to obtain valuable insights into their performance, professionalism, and other criteria.
  • Candidate Experience: we maintained high ethical standards throughout the recruitment, emphasizing fairness, transparency, and confidentiality. Regular updates were provided to candidates, ensuring a human-focused and respectful process.


In alignment with our commitment to address both initial and continuous recruitment needs, the HOS Talent Acquisition team efficiently met the demand for over 100 specialized roles across diverse global regions, including UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, Iraq, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, USA, China, South Korea, Kenya, Mexico, and Thailand. These positions often demanded unique skill sets and qualifications, necessitating our proactive approach to source passive candidates. Significantly, our dedicated efforts ensured that these roles were fulfilled within the stipulated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of 45-60 days.

Global Talent Acquisition Solutions for Growing Companies

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