Building SeaLead’s Global Brand


Founded in 2017, SeaLead entered the competitive shipping industry as a newcomer, aspiring to establish itself as a prominent player. However, the company faced the challenge of building brand recognition and gaining traction in the market.

Their initial efforts in PR, website development, and other marketing channels fell short of achieving their desired impact, prompting the need for a reliable marketing partner to drive brand awareness and fuel business growth.


We analysed SeaLead’s brand, researched the competitive landscape, and interviewed the management team. This exploration revealed a key differentiator: SeaLead’s startup-like mindset, characterised by simplicity, flexibility, and a strong digital focus. While we couldn’t make significant changes to the logo, we made a subtle update by transitioning to a modern one-colour flat design.

Our experts refined SeaLead’s brand by adjusting the positioning, tone-of-voice, colour palette, and visual style. We overhauled SeaLead’s website for a user-friendly interface and SEO. Acknowledging the significance of SeaLead’s services, we positioned them as the focal point of the website. However, since trade routes are typically captured in non-engaging maps, we carefully balanced other content to keep it visually appealing and informative. Building upon the website design, we ensured visual consistency across all marketing materials. This included sales presentations, service profiles, brand guidelines, and global office branding. Within a week of launch, SeaLead received positive feedback from customers on the new brand direction.

To underscore SeaLead’s digital focus, we introduced an intranet for better internal communication and knowledge sharing. We developed a strategic digital marketing/social media plan to boost online presence and community engagement, especially on LinkedIn. We are now implementing a CRM solution to optimise digital channels further.

Additionally, House of Shipping improved SeaLead’s image through targeted PR efforts, engaging with the media and issuing press releases to consistently present the brand positively and raise awareness.


Thanks to House of Shipping’s expertise, SeaLead experienced significant improvements in their marketing efforts:

  • 65.7% increase in unique website visitors
  • 234% increase in organic search traffic year-to-date
  • 71.4% increase in average click-through rate since September 2023
SeaLead a Global Brand


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