Building SeaLead’s Global Brand

Founded in 2017, SeaLead entered the competitive shipping industry as a newcomer, striving to build its brand and gain recognition. With aspirations of becoming a strong presence in the market, SeaLead required a dependable marketing partner to boost brand awareness, improve online presence, and drive business growth. Their initial attempts in PR, website development, and other marketing channels had proved incomplete.


House of Shipping provided comprehensive marketing support for SeaLead, addressing all aspects of their marketing needs: 

  • Branding:
    House of Shipping developed a robust brand identity for SeaLead, effectively conveying the company’s core values, distinctive services, and brand identity. This has helped to position SeaLead as a trustworthy and dependable shipping line within the industry.
  • Website:
    The team at House of Shipping redesigned SeaLead’s website with a professional and user-friendly interface. They optimised the site’s content for search engines, improving visibility and user experience, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and increased customer inquiries. A crucial aspect of the redesign was emphasising SeaLead’s services and solutions, making them more prominent.
  • Service Profiles:
    House of Shipping developed detailed route profiles, showcasing SeaLead’s extensive network and capabilities in various trade lanes. These profiles helped establish SeaLead as a versatile shipping line capable of meeting diverse customer needs.
  • Sales Presentation:
    House of Shipping crafted an updated and informative sales presentation that effectively showcased SeaLead’s services and competitive advantages. The presentation was aimed at addressing the specific needs and pain points of potential clients, aiming to develop deeper relationships. 
  • Social Media:
    House of Shipping helped boost SeaLead’s online presence and engagement through strategic social media campaigns. They curated relevant content, monitored audience feedback, and ran targeted social media advertising campaigns to expand reach and build a strong online community, with a particular focus on LinkedIn.
  • Public Relations:
    House of Shipping experts simplified and boosted SeaLead’s image through targeted PR activities. They engaged with media and shared press releases to maintain a consistently positive brand portrayal and ensure that interest and awareness in SeaLead was raised.


Thanks to House of Shipping’s expertise, SeaLead experienced significant improvements in their marketing efforts:

  • A strong increase in brand awareness within the first year, both internally and externally
  • 160% growth in website traffic
  • Positive feedback from customers and prospects in response to new sales materials
  • 100+% growth in social media following
  • Improved public relations through the issuing of monthly press releases, resulting in many positive media features and engagements
SeaLead a Global Brand


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