Assisting A Leading NVOCC To Overcome Abandoned Cargo Challenges


Our Client, headquartered in the bustling port city of Dubai, is a leading NVOCC provider, offering comprehensive shipping solutions. The Client has continually expanded its footprint, marking its presence across pivotal markets from China, the Red Sea, the Middle East, the Indian Sub-continent, to Europe and South-East Asia.


The Client faced a substantial challenge when four sugar containers shipped from India to the UAE were abandoned by the consignee. The containers remained unclaimed, resulting in accumulating port storage charges. With every passing day, these charges mounted, pressuring the Client as the terminal sought settlement. The accumulating fees were becoming a considerable financial strain for the company. To address this pressing issue, the Client sought the expertise of the House of Shipping (HOS) legal team


  • HOS’s legal and administrative teams collaborated closely with the local vendor and port terminal to effectively manage this predicament.
  • Due to the determined efforts of HOS, the Client could salvage the cargo and successfully negotiate a discount for the accumulated port storage charges.
  • To arrange for the salvage of the abandoned cargo, a suitable buyer was identified. HOS played a pivotal role in this process, facilitating the salvage and crafting the necessary agreements.
  • This strategy not only minimized potential losses but also enabled the repatriation of the empty containers, ensuring their reintroduction into the Client’s operations.


  • By negotiating the port storage charges, a significant financial burden was alleviated from the Client.
  • Proactive measures ensured that a strategic port and local buyer were identified to facilitate the cargo’s salvage.
  • Additionally, the recovery of the empty units reinforced their value and limited the potential repercussions of the abandoned cargo on the Client’s operational continuity.
Stacked Cargo Containers - Efficient Logistics by House of Shipping


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